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    Try our successful Livello Modules, inspired by fantastic picture books, to breath new life into teaching maths and English.

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  • Get the Buzz! and get your kids buzzing about maths!

    Our extensive experience (look, we’re not old or anything, just really experienced) in the classroom and years of listening to other teachers has told us what resources you value most. So, here. we proudly present GET THE BUZZ. The series is in four parts, three in the classroom with a grand finale at home.

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  • Get a ‘Can Do’ mindset for arithmetic!

    The CanDoMaths suite of resources support teachers to help children and students believe they ‘Can Do Maths’. Meet Colin the ‘Can Do’ Caribou, Colin believes that you can enjoy and achieve in mathematics with understanding, belief and hard work!

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CanDo Geometry Shortlisted for the Mathematics section of the Awards.


Meet Buzzard

Buzzard Publishing is entirely focused on enabling schools to deliver the National Curriculum for maths and English. Our innovative and proven approaches will help teachers to take their teaching from good to great by giving them a secure and supportive starting point from which to build exciting lessons.

We’re not a publishing giant, we’re a team of teaching professionals with a mission to bring learning alive using the approaches and resources that have worked well for us and in the ever growing group of schools that choose to use Buzzard. If you have any questions, drop us a line, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

As Year 2 and year 6 teachers these courses have been amazing and we definitely want to take part in more. We will be on the look out for your next course!

Kirstie & LisaBroad Hinton Primary school

There were great links to resources and how to use them to support learners in different ways, loads of hands-on ideas and practical activities to take back to the classroom.

Year 4 TeacherSwindon School

The activities are great for supporting our planning and showing a clear progression of skills and knowledge.

Kathy DeakinEYFS lead, Bournville Infant School, Birmingham

I just wanted to say how fantastic I have found the units. I applied for my free one, Blodin the beast, and absolutely loved it as did the children in my class. It had a particular and positive impact on the boys who struggle with writing. 

Victoria ScaranoYear 4 teacher, St Finian’s Primary School, West Berkshire

Get the Buzz! Problem Solving books are great for promoting problem solving and getting that excitement about challenge – not thinking that challenge is about harder numbers!

Emily FoyYear 5 teacher

All learners can enjoy and improve their mathematics. It is no longer acceptable to say that only certain types of people can learn mathematics. This suite of resources support teachers to help children believe they ‘Can Do Maths’. Read more about the philosophy behind them at www.candomaths.org

Flexible resources that are easy to use alongside any maths plans. Here at jolly old Buzzard Publishing we’ve made a great set of resources perfectly aimed at what teachers need to get the best out of their maths teaching. Maths Games, problem solving challenges and support for learning tables.

Our Livello Modules’ innovative and proven approach will help teachers to take their teaching from good to great by giving them a secure and supportive starting point from which to build exciting lessons. 36 six week modules of maths and English inspired by amazing picture books.

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