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The Mission of the CanDoMaths Club...

It's simple, our mission is to give you the support and tools to achieve the maths improvement goals you want over the next academic year. 

We understand that it is important for you to have clear, professional guidance from experts, and we want to give you that support. The Maths Club resources are divided into three categories…

We appreciate that budgets are tight, and that's why we want to give you this valuable resource at an affordable price…
Years 1 - 6* for only £497 (Excl. VAT)! This membership is valid FOR THE WHOLE ACADEMIC YEAR and ALL the PDF resources are yours to keep forever! 

* EYFS, Infant and Junior Memberships are also available

Okay, so...What is

The CanDoMaths Club? 

In a nutshell the Maths Club has been created to support you in Teaching and Planning, Leadership  and  Assessment. 

  • CanDoMaths iiimpact Framework  for self evaluation - a maths leadership model that helps you know where maths is and where it's going so that you can evaluate and plan for improvement.
  • No matter when you sign up, ALL PDF resources are yours to download and keep forever. You will have access to the online resources until 31st July 2022. 
  • One payment  for the  whole academic year. This is  NOT a subscription, so you're not tied into any automatic renewal for next year.
  • Our range of resources  will provide expert support for the Implementation of the Mastery approach in your school. 
  • Manageable Steps in learning  providing step by step lessons that are guaranteed to address 100% of the curriculum, so that you know you have it covered.
    "Manageable to teach, manageable to learn."
  •  Access to quality resources to secure and deepen understanding, so that implementing the Mastery Approach is effective.

Hit the ground running in September, be prepared - sign up today! 

Here is an overview of all your 

CanDoMaths Club resources for 2021-2022

Here's how you can join the CanDoMaths Club

Full Membership (Year 1-6)

In a nutshell this Membership option will support you in Teaching and Planning, Leadership and Assessment.

Includes resources like:

  • Subject expertise videos – for ongoing, on demand CPD for all your staff
  • Manageable Steps Curriculum (Y1-6) – to ensure progression
  • Remember Its and Ready To Progress Papers – to use as diagnostic assessments
  • All units for years 1-6

EYFS, Infant and Junior Memberships are also available (from £117 plus VAT)

£497 (plus VAT)

Year Group Membership (Y1-6)

In a nutshell this Membership option will support you in Teaching and Planning.

Includes resources like:

  • Subject expertise videos – for ongoing, on demand CPD for all your staff
  • Manageable Steps Curriculum (For your year group) – to ensure progression
  • Maths Mastery Matrix - Examples of pupil tasks to secure and deepen understanding for every manageable step (using ‘what it is’, ‘what it is also’, and ‘what it is not’ lesson design).
  • All Units for your chosen year group

£97 (plus VAT)

Unit by unit

Every unit includes:

  • The Unit Road Map detailing the Manageable Steps for the unit
  • The Maths Mastery Matrix or CanDo Geometry resources, providing 'what it is', 'what it is also', 'what it is not' and a problem to solve
  • Suggested Stem and Generalised Sentences, and Essential Vocabulary for the unit
  • Deliberate Practice to use in Maths on Track sessions
  • The Unit Quiz with a multiple-choice question for each Manageable Step
  • You also have access to Subject Expertise Videos for each unit

From £5 (plus VAT)


  • Having access to regular, expert advice.
  • Having a maths curriculum that you are confident with and that provides Manageable Steps in learning for years 1 - 6.
  • Developing reasoning and problem solving as an integral part of maths in the school.
  • Freeing up your  time and energy to focus on leading maths and teaching.
  • No longer feeling that dread and worry that you could be inspected at any moment and being confident that you're ready for any Ofsted visit, whenever it may come.

What teachers have to say about using
The CanDoMaths Club...

I think you are amazing ❤️ The progress of the children is more than we had hoped for! Thank you

CanDoMaths Club Member

My sincere thanks for all your continued support and help throughout this year and especially with lock down and going into next year. I really do love being part of the CandoMaths Club, it enables me as a leader to be far better! So thank you all so much

Rebecca Hibell
CanDoMaths Club Member


.... While I was watching the video about how to approach curriculum etc in September, I got more and more excited about what we have signed up to. Everything that I have seen so far is going to make our lives as teachers easier as well as really helping the children with their learning. For the first time in a long time, I can see where Maths needs to go with the best resources that will help us get there.

Tabitha Crowley
CanDoMaths Club Member




CanDoMaths resources have been created to support you with deepening and securing understanding in maths, and have been structured specifically to build children's confidence in maths. The CanDoMaths Club offers comprehensive planning approach which covers the whole curriculum for Years 1 - 6.

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