What’s the Problem? Solve These 1

A range of word problems for year 1, inspired by five beautiful picture books and a classic picture.

The Trouble with Dragons by Debi Gliori

Breugel’s Children’s Games

Tiddler by Julia Donaldson

Mr Wolf and the Three Bears by Jan Fearnley

The Disgusting Sandwich by Gareth Edwards

Do not Enter the Monster Zoo by Amy Sparkes

Applying maths to a context to solve a problem is a challenge for many children. By immersing the children more in the context, or in this case picture book, the worded maths problems appear to have more relevance and are more enthusiastically accessed by the children.

Each picture book or picture has inspired 5 pages of problems. There are 6 closed problems on each page followed by a more open challenge. On each page many of the problems are based around a similar aspect of maths, such as addition and subtraction or 1 more and 1 less. There is often at least one problem that is not part of this aspect so that the children need to think carefully about each problem – they can’t just do the same in each one!

The picture books and picture used to inspire over 200 worded problems to solve are the same ones that were used as a starting point for our maths and English resource Livello. They can be used to complement the Livello resource, or used entirely independently.

What’s the Problem? Solve These 1


A range of over 200 word problems to solve, inspired by fantastic picture books.

For each of the chosen picture books there are 5 photocopiable pages of word problems. On each page there are 6 closed word problems, based mainly on the same aspect of maths, and a seventh more open challenge to solve.

These books link well with the Livello modules but also stand alone and can be used alongside any maths plans.