Ready to Progress Tests Year 2

Ready to Progress Tests Year 2

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These tests have been designed to check and diagnose gaps in learning.

They will inform you about children’s readiness to progress to the next stage.

There are 2 papers, each with 24 questions, based on the 24 CanDoMaths KPIs

Paper 1 focuses on potentially lost learning, i.e. KPIs 1 - 12 that were mainly taught before Feb half term.

Paper 2 focuses on potentially missed learning, i.e. KPIs 13 - 24 that would have been taught during Lockdown, after March.

The questions require simple procedural knowledge, such as the accurate recall of mathematical facts or the application of a single procedure to solve a problem.

A Question Level Analysis tool is provided to support the diagnostic analysis to inform next steps for individual children, whole classes and / or whole school.

The intention is to produce standardised scores for each test.