CanDoMaths Club | Year 6 Membership

CanDoMaths Club | Year 6 Membership

£97.00 Excl. VAT

Access to all Year 6 Units in CanDoMaths Club including:

  • All Unit Road Maps for Year 6
  • All Manageable Steps for Year 6
  • All Maths Mastery Matrices for Year 6
  • Subject Expertise Videos for all Year 6 Units
  • Termly Plan (Terms 1 -6) for Year 6
  • Unit Quizzes for every Year 6 Unit
  • Suggested Stem and Generalised Sentences and Essential Vocabulary for every Year 6 Unit
  • Deliberate Practice for every Year 6 Unit
  • More problem solving activities for every unit, every term.*
    • Ideal for the 'extra problem solving' sessions in your Medium Term Plans. These activities may also be useful for homework, and are supported with accompanying videos. 
  • Retrieve It practice for every unit, every term.*
    • Ideal for Maths On Track meetings and homework.
  • Low stakes end of unit quizzes.*

*These resources will be added termly throughout the year.

You will have access to all online resources until 31st July 2022. All PDF resources are yours to download and keep forever!

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