Year 1

Year 1

You can get access to the Year 1 CanDoMaths resources here.

There are 16 units for Year 1, which can be used as stand-alone support to help you with specific areas of maths, or as your curriculum to cover the whole year's teaching.


Every unit includes:

> The Unit Road Map detailing the Manageable Steps for the unit

> The Maths Mastery Matrix or CanDo Geometry resources, providing 'what it is', 'what it is also', 'what it is not' and a problem to solve

> Suggested Stem and Generalised Sentences, and Essential Vocabulary for the unit

> Deliberate Practice to use in Maths on Track sessions

> The Unit Quiz with a multiple-choice question for each Manageable Step

> You also have access to Subject Expertise Videos for each unit


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