Retrieve It Resources KS1

Retrieve It Resources KS1

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“Retrieval practice – the process of recalling previously learnt material from our long-term memory – has become common practice in schools in recent years ... Consistent research has shown that retrieval practice can benefit pupils’ learning” (EEF Blog ‘Retrieval practice - A common good or just commonplace?’)

Just like practising a skill in sport or a muscial instrument, retrieval practice can help children ‘use it or lose it’! 

The CanDoMaths Retrieve It resources have been designed to support children practise previously learned knowledge and skills, from the last 2 weeks, the last unit, last term and last year. They can be shared on the screen or printed off to be completed individually - use flexibly to engage your learners.

There are two types of resources to help children practise and consolidate, for example, during Maths On Track Meetings. Every year group has two Grids and one True or False activity per term, provided as PDFs with answers.

These resources will be added termly.

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