3 Minute Maths - Part 1

Buzzard Publishing is delighted to be providing 3 Minute Maths, a daily package to improve children’s mental arithmetic. Designed for year 2 and above, and created and developed by a practising Primary school teacher, this package has been well received by teachers and children alike.

3 Minute Maths has become a welcome, established part of daily classroom routine and has shown measurable improvement in the knowledge and mental maths agility of children using it.

Children are given 3 minutes each day to answer questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, influenced by the objectives of the National Curriculum for Maths. There are eleven stages, lettered A to K, and there are 45 3 Minute Mathsheets for each letter, enough for one sheet per letter for each week of the academic year. This cleverly reduces the number of different sheets being used in your classroom at any one time. With progressive challenge very much in mind, the questions become more demanding and increase in number as the children move through the stages.

3 Minute Maths - Part 1

£25.00 Excl. VAT

An extensive resource to provide regular practice of a range of arithmetic questions.

There are three stages of sheets in Part 1, A – C , with 45 sheets at each stage, – one for each week of the year and some to spare!

The production is clear and simple and sheets are designed to be photocopied as needed for the children in your class. Answers are provided.

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