CanDoMaths Year 1 Workout 5

CanDoMaths Year 1 Workout 5

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The  CanDoMaths Daily Workout resources have been designed to help your child practise the maths topics they have learnt this year and make sure their maths skills stay healthy and strong. (They were originally designed for use during Lockdown.)

Colin (the CanDo Caribou) and Coco (the CanDo Cockatoo) both know that deliberate practice is really important. Coco likes to say ‘Practice makes permanent’; Colin prefers ‘Practice keeps me skilled’.

Year 1 Workouts 5 are focused on Fractions.

There are three types of Workouts for your child to practise:

  1.  ‘Do It’ questions (Workouts A, B and C) Find the answer to show they can still ‘Do’ the skill.
  2.  Problems to solve (Workouts D, E, F and G) Word problems, empty box problems and puzzles with lots of possibilities to show they can apply the skill.
  3.  Exploring facts for the week (Workout H)

The idea is that you pick one or two Workouts for your child to complete during each session – for example one ‘Do It’ and one ‘Problem’ Workout or just one ‘Problem’.

The CanDoMaths Team (Liz and Steve) provide some short videos with guidance and hints on our YouTube Channel. 

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