What we’ve been up to…

We just wanted to let you know what’s been occurring at Buzzard Towers since September…

CanDo Geometry won 4 Stars in the Teach Primary Awards! Whoop!
If you don’t know about CanDo Geometry find out more here.
To celebrate this we are running a Free Prize Draw for a collection of some resources and a few extra bits. If you fancy joining in click here. The winner will be announced on 1st December.

We can’t seem to stop Liz and Steve creating resources… we’ve tried, but we can’t hold them back!
So we have had a few new bits and bobs published recently and there are a couple more on the way very soon.

Available now (Click on the product to see a sample)
CanDo Bonds – Securing those number facts to 20
CanDo Early Years – Counting to 5 Module – See a sample on CanDo Maths Video Resources site
CanDo 21 Plus – Extending the CanDo 21 approach up to 12x [9 extra mats]
Get The Buzz! Practise Those KS2 SATs

Coming soon:
CanDo Fractions – Calculating with Fractions Y1-6  [Out 16th November!]
More CanDo Early Years Modules
Get The Buzz! Practise Those KS1 SATs – Out in November

Haven’t had a chance to check out all the free resources and samples we have on our website? Here’s a link to see them all.
If you particularly like a Snippet you’ve downloaded here are all the Snippets we currently have on the website.

Our CPD and Cake events are going down very well (well, who doesn’t love cake?!)

“Getting the best out of your ArithmeKit” went down really well earlier this year, so we are running a “Get the best out of your CanDo Geometry” session soon – Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the details.

We are open to running these sessions on any of the CanDo products. If you know your cluster would benefit from a CPD session on one of the resources, just drop me an email. (Even if not everyone has the resources)

Have a good week!
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