Have you had a look at our new CanDo21 resources? An amazing flexible resource to focus on 21 multiples and their related facts – an exciting and innovative way to learn and apply multiplication tables. We are so proud of our 21 fact tetrahedron and know that you will love it too.

ArithmeKit goes from strength to strength

At Buzzard, we are blown away by the response to our ArithmeKits. WE knew they were good but you are telling us they are even better than that! A year 6 teacher popped her head round the door when Liz was in a Swindon school and said, ” Those ArithemKits – they’re brilliant.” Liz asked the teacher for a quote to be used in promoting them. “They’re brilliant!” replied the teacher.

The Handy Hints on Youtube are developing to suggest ways to get the best out of the ArithmeKits. Do let us know what you think.

ArithmeKit 6 on the way

Liz and Steve have spent the day at the Chase Hotel in Cheltenham, with Suzanne and Chris, writing the next stage of the ArithmeKit resources. flexibility, language, efficiency and accuracy are 4 key elements in developing fluency in arithmetic. Arithmekit 6 is due out on Monday 11th April – we like to set ourselves a challenge at Buzzard Publishing! Polly and Martin have been busy working on ArithmeKit 1 which is due out on Monday 6th June – bags of time for that one yet!