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More Maths Resources

Get The Buzz! And Keep Buzzing!

Are photocopiable books of games, ideas and challenges, these two collections of books include resources to develop fluency in the fundamentals, build multiplication facts, solve problems and more!

3 Minute Maths

An extensive daily mental mathematics resource designed to improve children’s mental arithmetic. Designed for Year 2 and above, and created and developed by a practising Primary school teacher, this package has been well received by teachers and children alike.

Maths Games:

Develop fluency in the fundamentals! Get The Buzz! Maths Games for KS1 and KS2 is a copiable resource which helps teachers make mathematics engaging for children. Throw dice, turn cards, cover squares, plot numbers – a really motivating way to consolidate key aspects of number.

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With Get The Buzz! Games For Tables you’ll get targeted maths games to practise multiplication facts, it will prove invaluable for developing fluency, boosting recall and ensuring enjoyment in whole class, group and paired learning.

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More Multiplication resources:

Build, chant, investigate, notice, generalise, recall, solve with Get The Buzz! Learn Those Tables for KS1 and KS2. Each book contains simple card games to practise and embed the multiplication table, and some mixed word problems.

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Have a look at everything we have to supporting you with teaching Multiplication and Division…

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The Fundamentals:

Rarely does a published scheme offer enough variety and consolidation for all pupils, Keep Buzzing! Firm Foundations supplies extra practice in a range of contexts to enrich children’s experience and increase their grasp of number. The clear easily accessible practice sheets can be worked through in sequence or dipped into as you judge necessary. They can also be particularly useful for children with special needs or for home learning.

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Securing addition and subtraction facts is a key element in developing fluency in calculating. Get The Buzz! Learn Those Number Facts is a series of books which has been designed to deepen understanding and apply the learning of addition and subtraction facts, encouraging rapid recall. These books are full of activities, challenges, games and templates, dedicated to the number bonds of seven, eight and nine.

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CanDoMaths resources have been created to support you with deepening and securing understanding in maths, and have been structured specifically to build children's confidence in maths. The CanDoMaths Club offers comprehensive planning approach which covers the whole curriculum for Years 1 - 6.

Get The Buzz!

Get The Buzz! resources provide a series of flexible photocopiable resources, which offer extra ideas that can sit alongside any scheme of work in maths.


Livello Modules are our only English resource so far, using inspiring picture books as a springboard to learning.