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Our mission is simple… We are passionate about supporting you to develop a 'CanDo Attitude' to maths in your classroom.

We do this with a little help from Colin the 'CanDo' Caribou and his Friends…

We believe that you can enjoy and achieve in mathematics

with these 3 core ideas:

Teaching for Understanding

Teaching that focuses on developing secure and deep understanding, including the use of practical resources and iconic representations supports the learning and memorisation of mathematical concepts. The teaching of 'rules' and 'tricks' with no understanding and the use of only ‘standard’ examples contribute to learners feeling they 'can't do' maths.


All learners need to believe they can succeed and also believe that their teacher, and parents, believe they can succeed. Adopting a growth mindset is at the heart of a 'CanDoMaths’ approach including the use of 'yet’ and knowing that making mistakes is an essential part of learning.

Hard Work

Success comes from hard work. It's as simple as that! Mathematics can be difficult at times but success can be achieved through hard work.

These 3 core ideas underpin all the CanDoMaths Resources, created by Liz Hopkins and Steve Lomax (you can find out more about these awesome people on our about page)

Our most popular resources are…

The CanDo ArithmeKit

A range of 120 problem solving and reasoning activities to strengthen and deepen understanding of key number and calculation skills and strategies.

The ‘Magic 24’ skills and strategies, essential elements of any successful mathematician’s toolkit, have been carefully selected to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding. By exploring the structure of mathematics and noticing relationships, the activities aim to improve fluency in calculation, develop a secure and deep understanding, help pupils make connections and address the requirements of the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 Arithmetic national assessments.

The CanDoMaths Club

Doors are now open for the 2020-2021 membership! Only £497 (Excl. VAT) until 31st July 2021.

There are A LOT of awesome resources included in the membership (see the image below), but in a nutshell, the purpose of the Maths Club is to give you the support and tools to achieve the maths improvement goals you want over the next academic year.

We understand that it is important for you to have clear, professional guidance from experts, and we want to give you that support.

Plus much more!

What teachers have to say about using
The CanDoMaths Club...

Just want to say thank you so much. We love the CandoMaths Club it has transformed our maths lessons. Keep up the amazing work, it is truly appreciated.

Thank you for all you've done this year...
I always feel so secure in knowing I'm being supported by two experts in Maths and you have rejuvenated Maths more than anything else has in the last 15 years+

I just wanted to email to say how delighted we are with our new resources from the Can Do Maths Club. It’s absolutely exactly what our teachers need and the planning support and subject expertise videos are incredible. I knew it would be good but it’s even better than I expected.

Our Products


CanDoMaths resources have been created to support you with deepening and securing understanding in maths, and have been structured specifically to build children's confidence in maths. The CanDoMaths Club offers comprehensive planning approach which covers the whole curriculum for Years 1 - 6.

Get The Buzz!

Get The Buzz! resources provide a series of flexible photocopiable resources, which offer extra ideas that can sit alongside any scheme of work in maths.


Livello Modules are our only English resource so far, using inspiring picture books as a springboard to learning.