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You With Assessment...

(Cue the carefully crafted Remember Its and QLAs for Y1 - 6!)

Support for Assessment including:

  • Termly Remember It tests
    • Mark Schemes
    • QLA Spreadsheets for each Remember It
    • Ready To Progress Tests - Papers 1 - 4, based on the KPIs for Years 1-6.
    • ArithmeChecks - Baseline arithmetic tests for each year group
    • ArithmeQuiz - and online, infinite question generator - based on the KPIs

How can the CanDoMaths Club help me with a Deep Dive?

Remember Its

Carefully designed tests for each term. Questions have been written to, not only establish what children have learnt, but also the format of questions that require the most practise/support. (For example, 'convince me' and empty box questions.)


This spread sheet will give you the ability to easily see where your children are (collectively, and individually) in need of more input - for both the content and the types of questions asked.

Baseline arithmetic tests

For each Year Group (Years 1-6)

Download Samples


What OFSTED have to say about maths in
Schools that use The CanDoMaths Club...

Leaders are establishing a mastery approach to mathematics. Consequently, pupils are presented with more opportunities to problem solve and explain their reasoning and working out. This is evident in their work, where pupils' grappling with difficult questions is visible.
This approach is helping pupils to develop a more sophisticated conceptual understanding so that they mathematical learning is built on a more solid foundation

You have tackled successfully the recommendation from the previous inspection to improve outcomes for pupils in mathematics. You provided a range of training and professional development for staff to extend their skills and develop effective practice. Pupils, especially the most able, are now fully challenged in their learning and making faster progress

The school's focus on developing mathematics is largely effective and having a positive impact on pupils' progress. In mathematics, pupils are experiencing greater opportunities than found previously to demonstrate their reasoning and problem-solving skills. They have time to apply these skills in new ways in mathematics."