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How Can The CanDoMaths Club Support

You With Maths Leadership?

This is where the ' iiimpact Framework', LeadMeets  and 

Video Training  are designed to help!

Support for Leadership includes:

  • ​An interactive iiimpact Framework - Self Evaluation tool
  • Calculation Policy and Yearly Calculation Progression documents
  • Customisable Intent and Implementation Statement
  • Whole Year Road Maps for Y1-6
  • Termly Plans for Y 1-6
  • Planning Clinic Videos
  • Termly  online leadership support/training videos
  • Termly,  live sessions  (LeadMeets) supporting leaders with bespoke solutions to their school
  • 'Guest Spot' videos, interviews and clinics with other education experts, Subject Leaders and Headteachers

The 'iiimpact Framework'

What OFSTED have to say about maths
in Schools that use CanDoMaths

You have improved the way that teachers plan mathematics. Lessons now include more reasoning and problem-solving activities, as well as opportunities for pupils to practise their skills.
Pupils reported that they find this approach helpful

Teachers use well-crafted questions to deepen and reinforce pupils' learning and to spot pupils' misconceptions. They tackle these quickly so that learning moves on swiftly.
Teachers create an expectation that everyone can learn from their mistakes. Consequently, pupils are confident and willing to 'have a go'. Pupils told inspectors that 'making mistakes is a way of learning'

The 'do it', 'stretch it' and 'deepen it' approach has introduced higher levels of challenge to extend pupils' thinking. Outcomes in 2017 were above national figures at the expected standard because pupils were enthused by the new way of learning.