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You With Your Planning and Teaching...

This is where the Maths Mastery Matrix,
Manageable Steps and Medium Term Plans come in!

Maths Mastery Matrix

Examples of pupil tasks to secure and deepen understanding, opportunities for reasoning/solving problems opportunities for the Manageable Steps in learning and provide teacher support for lesson planning. (We've thrown in our award-winning CanDo Geometry resources to support you too!)

Manageable Steps

Mathematics Curriculum mapped out for all years and unpicked into Manageable Steps (Maths Nav), including a 'Teacher's Road Map' for each section of the curriculum.

Medium Term Plans

Termly lesson by lesson curriculum plan for all year groups including MOT sessions
PLUS Online lesson planning clinics to support teachers

NEW FOR 2020 – 2021

  • Key Vocabulary for each unit
  • Concept (Stem) sentences as appropriate for every Maths Mastery Matrix Manageable Step.
  • Bonus Subject Expertise Videos throughout the year.
  • Deliberate Practice for Wednesday & Thursday Maths On Track sessions
  • Infinite question generator for Wednesday & Thursday Maths On Track sessions

What teachers have to say about using
The CanDoMaths Club...

Clear and easy to use planning documents. The Maths Mastery Matrix with suggested ideas for activities is hugely helpful, especially the 'What it's not' tasks-the potential misconceptions have already been thought out for you. Great resource.

All our staff have been so pleased with these resources. For new staff or staff new to year, they have helped them to feel instantly more confident in their maths planning. They have helped to generate great conversations in teams to improve the quality of planning across the school.

The planning support and subject expertise videos are incredible.
I knew it would be good but it’s even better than I expected."