Year 1 Termly Plans 2021-22

Year 1 Termly Plans 2021-22

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This termly plan has been carefully designed to support you to plan for successful learning of the year’s maths from the National Curriculum.

The green sections provide the maths curriculum broken down into manageable steps 

Manageable to teach and manageable to learn. 

The blue lessons of ‘Remember This’ and ‘Extra Problem Solving’ provide flexibility within the timing of the plan for you to make decisions for your own class.

Remember It at the end of each term is a session to check the learning that has taken plave during the term using the CanDoMaths Remember It for that term.


The second section on each termly plan, in blue, sets out a suggested structure for the second maths session each day - an essential element in the CanDoMaths curriculum plan.

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