CanDoFractions Bundle

CanDoFractions Bundle

£50.00 Excl. VAT

CanDo Fractions Includes all four CanDoFractions products, CanDoFractions 1 and 2, CanDoFractions 3 and 4, CanDoFractions 5 and CanDoFractions 6.

They are PDF downloadable resources that can be used as a whole class discussion resources, or printed off for individual practice. As always, our resources are really flexible!

The resources consists of pages of carefully crafted questions:

  • two pages of questions to learn and secure a small step in calculating with fractions, base on the 'what it is' what it is also' structure
  • two Colin and Coco discussion bubbles, hitting key misconceptions, 'what it is not.'
  • a final deepen it page including "If this is the answer..." and a missing digits challenge

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