CanDo Early Years - Count 5

CanDo Early Years - Count 5

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Teaching Ideas and Animations for Counting to 5: – This module of counting is built on seven principles of counting. The 14 teacher led activities put the spotlight on each principle, hence securing counting with a deep understanding. Over 20 accompanying animations are provided to support the teaching of each small step. You will obviously want to apply these principles to counting to other numbers too.

As you know, there is more to mastering counting that meets the eye! This set of activities will support you to ensure that children get an in depth understanding to secure counting. There are colourful and engaging animations encouraging discussion to secure each principle and Convince Colin animations to put the spotlight on possible misconceptions.

The principles involved are:

  1. Stable Order Principle
  2. Cardinality Principle
  3. Movement is Magnitude Principle
  4. One-to-one Correspondence Principle
  5. Order Irrelevance Principle
  6. Conservation Principle
  7. Abstraction Principle

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