Maths On Track Bundle

Maths On Track Bundle

£575.00 Excl. VAT

The Maths On Track Bundle brings together a host of CanDoMaths resources to support you with securing and deepening arithmetic and number facts, and planning your Maths On Track sessions.

Resources include:

  • ArithmeKit (Y1-6) - PDF - 120 activities to develop fluency & reasoning in arithmetic, based on the Magic 24 (24 key aspects of arithmetic.)
  • ArithmeDo (Y1-6) - PDF and posters - 48 sets of practice, 3 tests and a poster providing practice based on the Magic 24
  • CanDoTables Bundle - PDF - 121 A3 Mats of our Factor, factor, product resource to secure multiplication tables facts
  • CanDo21 School Bundle - PDF, posters, stickers and Tetrahedrons, Factor factor, product relationships for 21 key facts, taken up to Y5 and 6
  • CanDo 21 Plus - PDF - Factor factor, product relationships taken up to Y5 and 6, for 11x and 12x tables
  • CanDo Bonds - PDF - Learning Mats to secure the addition and subtraction number facts from 5 - 20
  • CanDo SATs KS 2 - PDF - Revision resource based on the domains of the Mathematics Test Framework

Bought individually, these resources would cost over £600!

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