Firm Foundations For 5

The key features of Firm Foundations are:

  • It concentrates on the crucial number skills from the Early Years and the year 1 curriculum.
  • Each PDF provides carefully structured photocopiable practice sheets.
  • Number is broken down into small steps so that they are no big leaps in learning.
  • Varied practice of each step means the learning is always reinforced.
  • The artwork style has been deliberately developed to cater for both younger children and older children with special needs. It aims to avoid limiting age appeal.
  • There is a low reading age. The use of the ‘rebus’ device helps children with the reading.
  • Every sheet provides an extension activity marked with the book logo which provides extra practice and a potential for assessment of learning.
  • An amusing reward icon has been included at the bottom corner of each page to provide icons that can be coloured and collected.

The contents sheet can also be used as a record sheet with the maths headings identifying the maths covered on each sheet.

Firm Foundations For 5

£10.00 Excl. VAT

Firm Foundations for 5 is a PDF Downloadable resource. It concentrates on the numbers up to and including five, focusing on the essential number skills of counting, comparing, ordering, addition and subtraction.

Each stage has at least two sheets to consolidate the skill, with 24 varied sheets to print and practise!

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