CanDoMaths ArithmeKit Bundle

Each of the 24 statements is addressed in 5 different ways: matching activities, noticing challenges, Always sometimes, never statements, Convince me challenges and missing digit problems. Use to develop whole class discussion and independent confidence. Get FLEAs!! Flexibility, language, efficiency and accuracy!

The ArithmeDo provides checks and practice to go alongside the ArithmeKit. Why not use them alongside the Arithmecycle Poster to raise the profile of arithmetic in your classroom?

CanDoMaths ArithmeKit Bundle

£270.00 Excl. VAT

CanDoMaths ArithmeKit Bundle includes ArithmeKits 1 - 6. Each one is a range of 120 problem solving and reasoning activities to strengthen and deepen understanding of key number and calculation skills and strategies, based on the Magic 24 - 24 key arithmetic skills and strategies.

The 24 skills and strategies, (from the Arithmecycles) essential elements of any successful mathematician’s toolkit, have been carefully selected to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding. By exploring the structure of mathematics and noticing relationships, the activities aim to improve fluency in calculation, develop a secure and deep understanding, help pupils make connections and address the requirements of the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 Arithmetic national assessments.

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