CanDo Early Years – NumberKit Cards

In the NumberKit resources, as well as the cards there are:

  • 17 teaching ideas to do with the cards, rewritten for each of the numbers so they can easily be given to an adult helper or teaching assistant to work one to one or with a small group. The activities are built around probing questions, encouraging children to look, describe and discuss what they see
  • Animations for securing numbers to ten – There are seven short animations for each number 1 – 10, to generate whole class or larger group discussions. “What is the same, what is different?” is a key questions to develop describing and the first step to deeper reasoning. These short animations invite the children to look closely and ‘say what you see.’
  • Five PDF scenes full of items to count. At the beach, on the street, in the forest, in the shopping mall and in the cafe. Use the scenes to generate number talk or to inspire small world play – having looked at and discussed the beach scene, children could then create their own scene with resources. e.g. Make a beach scene with three of everything!!

CanDo Early Years – NumberKit Cards

£30.00 Excl. VAT

You have been asking for an ArithmeKit for Early Years – well here’s an amazing resource to secure number.

As you know, there is more to mastering understanding number than meets the eye! This gorgeous set of cards will support you to ensure that children get an in depth understanding to secure the numbers from 1 – 10.

  • 240 A6 Cards – for each number there are 6 numerals of different fonts, 6 cards with turtles of three different sizes, 6 cards with brightly coloured shapes and finally 6 representations on ten grids. That is 24 attractive cards just for the number 1, then 24 cards for the number 2 and so on, up to ten. WOW! The cards are colourful and engaging, encouraging discussion, giving opportunities for ‘say what you see’  and really focusing the learning

Have a look at CanDo Early Years NumberKit for Teaching Ideas, Scenes and Videos to use alongside these cards.

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