CanDoMaths Junior | Gold Package 2023-2024

Here is a breakdown of everything you will have access to when you buy the CanDoMaths Gold Package:


  • LeadMeets* - Online LeadMeets for subject and senior leaders
  • Subject Leader Q&A* - Online weekly support
  • Conference* - Annual conference for CanDoMaths Schools
  • Planning Podcasts* - Steve and Liz share thoughts for the term ahead
  • MathsTALKS* - Online CPD modules exploring progression in Place Value and the 4 operations
  • Curriculum Progression CPD* - Subject expertise videos packaged for whole school CPD exploring progression in all NC strands 
  • Progression Knowledge Organisers * - Key representations and information for each NC strand


  • Whole School Curriculum - A1 poster of the CanDomaths Curriculum – NC strands manageable steps 
  • Curriculum Intent - Long term overview of the maths curriculum for each year group
  • Whole Year Road Maps - Roadmap of the long-term curriculum sequenced into units
  • Termly Plans - Term by Term, Week by Week medium term overview of the curriculum for Y3 to Y6
  • Calculation Policy and Progression - The four operations from Y3 to Y6
  • Iiimpact - Self-evaluation resource

Plan and Teach

  • Unit Road Maps - Manageable steps for each unit for each year group Y3 to Y6
  • Maths Mastery Matrix - ‘What it is', 'what it is also', 'what it is not' and a problem to solve for each manageable step Y3 to Y6
  • What will I say? What will I hear?  - Stem & Generalised Sentences plus essential vocabulary for each unit
  • Colin and Coco Challenges - Problems to solve for each unit Y3 to Y6  
  • Subject Expertise Videos* - Online videos to strengthen subject expertise, including key representations
  • CanDoGeometry* - Award winning resource with animations to support the teaching of Y3 to Y6 Geometry


  • Unit Quiz - Diagnostic question for each manageable step Y3 to Y6
  • Low Stake Quiz - Online, self marking quiz for each unit Y3 to Y6
  • Remember Its Test - Termly assessments for each year group with QLA
  • Ready To Progress Test - Assessing the CanDoMaths Key Performance Indicators and DfE RTP criteria 
  • Strand Assessment - Identifying gaps in a strand of maths to support targeted intervention 
  • Knowledge Organisers - Key facts and information for each topic in Y3 to Y6

If you would like to see samples of some of these resources, please click here.

CanDoMaths Junior | Gold Package 2023-2024

£547.00 Excl. VAT

Access to ALL resources displayed in colour on the array below for Y3 - 6, including:

  • Support for Maths Leadership including; Curriculum intent documents, Calculation Progression, Online video support.
  • Support for Planning and Teaching including; Lesson by lesson manageable steps, Maths Mastery Matrix, Vocabulary and Stem sentences.
  • Support for Assessment including; Termly Remember It tests, QLA, Termly Knowledge Organisers.
  • Support for Professional Development including; Live online LeadMeets, Q&A Sessions and a range of CPD videos.


If you would like to see samples of some of these resources, please click here.

CanDoMaths Array of Awesomeness


You will have access until the 31st July 2024. ALL the downloadable resources are intended for you to keep forever, so please download any PDFs you need before this date. Access to online videos will be revoked after 31st July 2024.

If you would like to see a sample unit, please click here.


If you are looking to buy for a trust, or a school with fewer than 50 pupils please contact us before placing your order.


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