CanDoMaths | EYFS (2023-2024)

CanDoMaths | EYFS (2023-2024)

£147.00 Excl. VAT

Access to all EYFS Units from CanDoMaths including:

  • Termly Plan (Terms 1 -6) Manageable Steps for EYFS for number, with suggected overview for Shape, Space and Measures. Term 1 and 2 secure counting to ten, terms 3 and 4 secure composition and comparing numers, terms 5 and 6 focus on counting beyond ten, doubling and sharing.
  • Maths Mastery Matrices for every mangeable step for number
  • Subject Expertise Videos to support teaching
  • We're throwing in a couple of additional resources to support you for next year:
    • CanDo Count 5 resources including Convince Colin videos
    • Plus the CanDoMaths NumberKit including activities for each number 1 - 10,  240 number cards* and Odd One Out videos

*Please note, these are a physical resource and will be dispatched to you once we recevie payment.

Membership is valid until the 31st July 2024. ALL the downloadable resources are intended for you to keep forever, so please download any PDFs you need before this date.


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